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Episode 19
A Summer Night's Mystery

This episode is actually when Lily found her "Saint Something Blue"!! There's this horror festival and everyone is dressing as a monster or a witch or a ghost. Anyway, Momoko-tachi are waiting for their "stand" alone. And, everytime some visitors come to their stand, they're going to scare them.
Yanagiba come to Yuri's stand, Yuri try to scare him as whining ghost, but then Yanagiba chuckled.

Yanagiba : Hehe......pretty scary....
Yuri : Eh?!? *smiled*
Yanagiba : Are people scared after they saw you?
Yuri : Some of them...yes...mmh....Yanagiba-senpai, I have sliced watermelon. Do you want to eat it with me?
Yanagiba : Alright........*sit and then eat some watermelon*...hmm....this taste good......
Yuri : Really??
(They laugh together) is a sign of Yanagiba and Yuri end up together, ain't it??^_____^ After that, Yuri found this cave and found "Saint Something Blue" and then she take it, but an enemy try to steal. They fight, Yuri transformed, Peach and Daisy come to help.
After they defeated the enemy, they're back to normal and talking about how's people react after they try to scare them. Suddenly, Yanagiba pass.

Yanagiba : Yuri!! Thanks for the watermelon!! (he left)
Momoko and Hinagiku : *stare at Yuri* What watermelon?!?
Yuri : Ehh.....nothing......
Momoko and Hinagiku : You cheated us!!!!
Momoko : Eating watermelon with Yanagiba-senpai?!?
Hinagiku : That's unforgivable!!
Yuri start to escape from them, smiling, while Momoko and Hinagiku chase her.

Note: Momoko-tachi are still competing to get Yanagiba's attention in this episode ^.^