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A Love In The Battlefield!!

The guys are excercising soccer match, but when Yousuke are going to catch the ball, his arm hurts, everybody is worried, especially Momoko ^.^  Hiromi said she'll take Yousuke to the clinic, but he protests, then Hinagiku push Momoko to Yousuke, and she said, "I think Momoko is the one who should take Yousuke to the clinic. And, this time Yousuke didn't protest anything. Hiromi is very angry, plus Hinagiku is yanking her, told her that Momoko and Yousuke is in love and anything could happen in that clinic. Hiromi follow them, and she's very, very angry this time. She turned into Potamus, and multiplying herself and attack the school. The sky turned dark, everyone is fainted, except.......of course the love angels. They ended up fighting with Potamus. Peach and Daisy are hurt, but when Lily want to save them, she's also hurt, this big butterfly is giving her evil wave. Suddenly, Limone appear and suck the evil wave from Lily's arm.

Lily      : Please, don't do that! I don't want that evil wave spread all over Limone-sama's body.
Limone : (startled) I've heard that......"

Past Lily (with a very weird costume ^__^) is running with a stick in her hand. There're monsters chasing her, a monster bite her arm, Limone appear and make the monsters go away. He quickly suck the evil wave from Lily's arm.

Lily      : Please, don't do that! I don't want that evil wave spread all over Your Majesty's body.

Limone didn't say anything he continue sucking the evil wave, suddenly there's two red freckles in his cheek, which means the evil wave started to spread.

Limone : I have to fight the evil wave with love wave!!
Lily : Your majesty!!!!!!
Limone : I can't take it anymore!! Kill me!!!!!!!!
Lily : That's impossible! No! I can't kill you!!!!!!
Limone : AAAAAKKHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

At last, he did it, he defeat the evil wave.

Limone : Hhh.......hhhh......(he stand up) the akumas have evil wave, and we, tenshis have love wave to fight them, understand?
             I'll do anything to protect Aphrodite-sama.......

The monsters come again, this time Limone fight them  in a place afar from Lily.
Lily try to attack the monsters from afar with love wave from the stick in her hand. And then, she run to that place and she saw Limone is lying there.

Lily : Oh, no!! The guy who helped me! Oh, I can't see it!!

Suddenly, there's a yellow glow surrounded Limone's body and he get up.

Limone : This is all because of your love wave, thank you, (looking up) now.....I have to go back to protect  Aphrodite-sama.
Limone's gone and Lily just gaze at him from afar.

(Present Day)

Limone : After what happened, that time I've always look for you,'re the reincarnated love angel that I've help long ago...
Lily : Limone-sama.................

Suddenly, there's those two red freckles again, on Limone's cheek.

Limone : AAKKKHH!!!!! This time the evil wave is different, kill me!!!!!!!! Hurry!!!!!!
Lily : No!! I can't do that!!!
Then, Limone suicide by stabbing his own sword to his body.
Lily : NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Limone-sama!!!!!!!!!!!!

Limone lie on the ground, and then Peach and Daisy come.

Peach & Daisy : Lily!! (look at Limone) Limone-sama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lily : Peach, Daisy, let's join our love wave together......

They joined their power, Potamus got blast and then everything's turn white. Lily's looking for Limone, but he's nowhere to be found. But, then he show up and then they hug each other.

Daisy : Hhhh......I'm sooo jealous, we helped too, but only Lily he hug......
Peach : Ssshhh......don't say that!!

The next day....
Momoko and Hinagiku : (running)Yanagiba-senpai!!!!! Can we interview you for a moment??!!!
Yanagiba : (running)Oh.....gee, sorry!!!! I'm in a hurry!!!! I'll do it next time, okay?!?!

Yanagiba run right below Yuri who's daydreaming on the school's window. Yanagiba look up, Yuri's a little startled. Yanagiba smile, and then Yuri smile to him too. The scene stop and then there's some kind of sketch of Lily and Limone's blur image on Yanagiba and Yuri's last scene.