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Episode 42
Yuri's Lips

The episode started with a gang fight in a street in the middle of the night. Petra is standing on top of a building's roof, he suck their energy. And he became powerful. Yosuke is passing by and his energy is accidentally sucked too. But, somehow he turned into an evil!! He keep mentioned that he's the strongest general from the Raphael race, Viento. He blast Petra, Petra flown away and hit a wall, the wall crashed. Suddenly, Yosuke turn back into normal.

In the morning, Momoko-tachi is planning to go out on Sunday. With a little shy, Yuri suggest why don't they ask Yanagiba to join too. Momoko said if they ask Yanagiba then they should ask Yosuke too. Yuri agree. Hinagiku didn't like this, coz that means Yuri and Yanagiba will be together alone, Yosuke and Momoko will be also together, then she'll end up alone. Momoko deny, that she won't be together with Yosuke. Anyway, at last, they go out on a triple-date!! Hehehe...YEP!! Takurou invited too. They go to a lake, Momoko and Yosuke one boat, Yanagiba with Yuri, and Hinagiku with Takurou. While, Yanagiba row the boat, they talk about.....I'm not too sure about this, I think, they're talking about love, I dunno.....but, anyway, they kissed each other. Suddenly, Petra attack them. Momoko and Yosuke get to the shore. Momoko ask Yosuke to stay at one spot. And then, Momoko run somewhere, Yosuke follow her, and he see it!! Momoko transform into Wedding Peach. Takurou saw him, he said, "Yosuke, you already know, huh?? That Momoko is Wedding Peach??"
The scene cut to Petra and the beautiful angels (still in wedding dresses). When Petra is about to attack them, Limone safe them and tell them  to transform into fighting angels. After they finish transforming, Salvia also appear to help them. They merge their power to attack Petra. When Petra is almost loose, Reindevilla appear and give him "the hole of death". Limone told the angels that his power is increasing, he told them to merge their love energy.  Suddenly, Petra grab Limone and bring him to the hole of death. Lily let go off her hand from the others and try to help Limone. Limone told her to let go off him and to join the other angels again. With tears, Lily said that she won't let go. Limone, then said, that he won't die alone. Afterall, they will still be together, even though he die.  Limone slowly let go off Lily's hand. And the hole suck Petra and Limone.

Angel Lily: "Limone-sama(whisper)...Limone-sama(louder)!! LIMONE-SAMAAAAA(screaming with tears)!!!!"

To be continue to episode 43, Reindevilla's Story