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Episode 43
Reindevilla's Story

The episode is not focusing on Yanagiba and Yuri. So, I'll just review their scene.

Momoko and Hinagiku are just talking about what happened to Limone, suddenly Yuri walks by. Momoko and Hinagiku called her. But then she run and cry. And then she run to Yanagiba's house. She find nothing. She check his room, and...........UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Yanagiba is laying on the floor unconciously. Yuri help and get him to the bed.
(time lapsed)
Momoko and Hinagiku are already there.
Hinagiku : How could he be here?
Suddenly, Aphrodite appear.
Aphrodite : I'm the one who tried to protect him.......
Momoko-tachi : Aphrodite-sama!!
Aphrodite : When Limone was sucked into the hole, I'm trying to protect him. But, then my power isn't enough, which makes him now lost his memory.......
Yuri : What?!?
Aphrodite : For temporary, he only remember he is only Yanagiba Kazuya and won't remember that he's Limone.
Yuri : That means..........
Aphrodite : You don't have to worry.......sooner or later, he'll get his memory back.........(fading away)

Yuri feel very dissapointed, Momoko and Hinagiku try to comfort her.