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The sky turned red. Raging of fire are surrounding her. She's confused, she's scared, and she don't know what happened in there. She's all sweaty and the air is too hot for her. She want to get out from there, but she don't know how. Suddenly she remember her friends. Her two bestfriends. "Momoko!!!! Yuri!!! Tasukete(Help me)!!!!!!" she keep calling her friends names, but neither of them show up. Then, she remember her true love, "TAKUROU!!!! Takurou!!! Tasukete!!!!!!!!!"
Suddenly, Takurou appear from the back of the raging fire, with an empty sight. "Ah!! Takurou, help me!!!!!!!" she reach out her hand, hoping Takurou will do the same. But, he just stand there and not doing anything.
"Takurou!!!!" she's so desperate, the heat is getting hotter and hotter. She feel, she's gonna die. "Oh, my god!!! Don't just stand there, help me, Takurou!!!!!!" she cannot hold her tears anymore. Besides coz her body feels like burning, she's also dissapointed of Takurou, her only true love, who just stand there and not doing anything. Suddenly, a big black shadow show up right behind Takurou and looks ready to swallow him. She scream, "Takurou!! Behind you!!!!!!!!"
But, it's too late, Takurou dissapear along with the big black shadow.
She's very shock, "Takurou......Takurou!!! TAKUROU!!!!!!!!"

She's gasping and her eyes open. She's so sweaty. She looks around and all she see is just the ceiling. She get up and look around. She, then realized that she's in her room, lying on the bed. She try to calm  herself. "Hhhhh.....just a nightmare......." then she throw herself back to bed. And within a sec, she's back to the world of dream again......


Episode 2 of Wedding Peach GrandDX :
"Yatta! Two New Heroes Come To The Rescue!!"
Written by Chibi-chan

"So.....the love angels are back, huh??" he asked.

"Yes, Your Highness.....I'm so sorry, but I promise you I'll be ready  for them now!! I would not fail again.....I'll kill them right away!!" Shiva bow and apologized to Costadevillione.

"No...don't!! Spare their life for another couple of days!! Hehe.....let them play the game! I don't want us to win that easily...........
but, when the time comes, the love angels will suffer till they'll feel like in hell!!!!!!.......hehe..hehe...HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!! SHIVA!! Do your job!! Try to get human energies as many as you can!!"

"Yes...Your Highness," she bow and then dissapear.


"Okay!! Everyone stand by!! The test will start in ten secs! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go!!!!!!!!!!" he push the button.
The machine start to work. It work so smooth and properly.
"YES!! We made it!!" some of the men cheering.
But, suddenly, something went wrong, the machine is shaking unproperly. Smoke come out from the machine.
"Oh, no!!! It'll blow again!!!!!!" the scientists start to running around, while one scientist just stay at one spot.
"Ameno-san!! Get out!!!!!!! It's dangerous!!" one of them said.
", it'll work!! Trust me!! It'll work!!!! You guys don't have to get out!" he convince them.
And then, the machine stop.
"See?!?! It work!!" he walk to the machine and take a look closer at it. The other scientists slowly get closer too. But, what happen?? The machine blow!!!!!!! They thrown away to the wall. The room full of smoke. And the machine got burn. Takurou fall down, a little wounded, but nothing serious.
Suddenly, the automatic door lab opening itself. A woman walk approach him, "Errr....Dr. Ameno, Ms. Tamano is here...."
"Nani?!" he try to get up.
Hinagiku walks in and very shock seeing Takurou.

"Ouch!!!!!!!! Slowly, will ya'??"
"Shut up!! It's all your fault, you end up like this!!"
"Hey...we're just testing our new invention, that's all!!!!"
" it right!! Gosh, how many times do I have to tell you, not to involved yourself too much, everytime there's a new project!!!"
"What do you mean?!"
"You're the head of Team 12!! You don't have to do all the works!!" she keep sweeping off his arm with a sterile cotton with mercurochrome on it.
"I can't do that!!! Just because I'm the head of the team, doesn't mean all I do is ordering them.....I don't want to be a bad head of the team!!"
"Then.....quit being a scientist!!!!!!!" Hinagiku yell at him.
"You gotta be kidding...."

"NO!! Takurou, I'm serious!!!!!! Do you know how often we meet each other since you got this job?!? Almost never!!!!!!!!! I can't reach you, Takurou!! I even sometimes hardly remember your face!!! Do you know how I missed you?!?!? Do you know how jealous I am seeing Momoko and Yuri who meet their boyfriends EVERYDAY?!?!?! I'm sick with all of this! I NEED YOU, TAKUROU!!!!!! I need you!!"

" you know that this all I can do?? For the first time in my life, I actually do something that I'm really good at!! I can't give up this job!!!! You just have to understand that this job is also a  part of my life!!! It is very important to me!!!! And, I love doing it!! But, if you too selfish to understand that...."

"Oh, now, you're telling me I'm selfish?!?!?! I'm selfish?? Isn't it the other way around?? All you can think about is your inventions!!! You never think about me!!! I mean.....I.......I........" tears start to flowing down her face, "I don't wanna lose you! I'm so afraid of it!!!!! We almost never talk...and, and, you're too busy with your works......I can't reach you!! And, and last night, I have this bad dream...that, dissapear from my sight....I-I...." she throw herself to Takurou's chest.

Takurou paused for a moment and then slowly hug her back.
"Oh, gosh......go-gomen nasai.........I don't know, I-I'm very sorry,  Hinagiku........sorry.....I'm won't lose me....I'll always be with you, don't you know that?? My heart stay with  you all the time, don't you worry.......will you forgive me??"

Hinagiku nods, "It's just, it's just I missed you so much!! I want to be with you, at least once in two days. But, you're too busy with your work.....a-and now you yell at me like that, I-I feel......"

"Gomen nasai.....hhhhh, I'm in a bad mood right now, the test failed again...I'm so desperate and now you're telling me to quit my job.....reflexive, I yell at you back....I didn't mean to, sorry......" he explained.
"'s alright, then I guess I have to apologize to you too....sorry, I'm in an emotional situation....." she's still sob a little.
"Good, let's just forgive each other, I promise I'll never yell at you ever again..." he said.
"Heh....don't promise something you couldn't keep, Takurou...."
"At least, I'll TRY not to yell at you again, okay?!"
"Yeah, yeah...I know, I'm sorry....again, it's just I have this  nightmare last night that you're gone, a big black shadow swallow you! That's why I come here today, to see if you're alright.....I'm sooooo worried about you........" she explained.
"Awww......look, I'm fine! See? As hard as a rock!! And nothing will take me away from your side, okay?!? My love will tie my soul to yours!! I will ALWAYS love you, Hinagiku.....forever...." he caress her hair tenderly.
"You mean it?? Til the day we die??" she asked.
"No, much longer than that..." he said with a soft voice.
She smile and sweep off her tears, "Gomen ne, Takurou-chan!! I love you too!!"
They kissed shortly.
"Feeling better now?" he asked, she just nod.
"Actually, I'm here to ask you if you can join us to the Technology Exhibition.........can you?" she asked hopefully.
"Oh, wow...I-I...(take a deep breath)....sorry, Hinagiku, I have a  meeting in ten minutes.......I....." Hinagiku put her finger on his lips.
"I what you have to do.......I won't get angry again...." she smiled.
"'re the best!!" he hug her.
"Oh, but that means, it'd be only the four of us who can go......"
"Yes.....Momoko, Yosuke, Yanagiba-senpai and myself...."
"But, where's Yuri??"
"She have to work extra hard, coz a mistake she had done, couple of days ago..."
"But if Momoko and Yosuke walk alone, then you......."
Hinagiku chuckled, "Oh, my god! You're not jealous, aren't you?? Hahaha..."
"Well....I have to be jealous...."
"Don't worry!! Yanagiba-senpai and me are just friends, besides I can't betray Yuri!!!!!"
" used to compete with her to get Yanagiba's attention!"
"Haha....if that's the case, I should be jealous to Momoko too!!!!"
"YES!! You used to attracted to her, right?!?"
"But that's..."
"Oh, forget it!!!!'ll be late to your meeting if you don't hurry, go on!!"
"Really?? Are you sure?"
"Yeah, I'm okay...just go!!"
He smiled, "Okay, then.......bye!" he kissed her cheek before he leave.
"Sayonara, Takurou-chan!!!!!!!!!" Hinagiku wave.
Takurou wave back from afar.
Hinagiku don't let him out of her sight. She keep watching him from afar. She feel something strange. Something bad is about to happen. But, what??


"WAHHHH!!!!!!! So many electronic machines!!" Momoko amazed.
"Hey, look at that!" Yosuke point at a spot where there are so many robots in there.
"Ahhh!! Let's go there!" Hinagiku grab Momoko's hand, while Yosuke and Yanagiba follow them.

"Heehee.....this robot is so cute!" Momoko keep examining the robot.
"Hey, what's that?? So many people surrounding it..." Yanagiba said.
"Let's take a look!!" Yosuke walk towards there, the others follow him.

"Egghh......excuse me, excuse me..." Yosuke try to get into the front.
They made it, "Ahhhh.....a past teller machine!!" Hinagiku interested.
"Let's try it!!" Yosuke come forward.
"Yeah....let's..." before Hinagiku continue her steps, Momoko grab her arm.
"Hinagiku, are you sure??"
"What?? What do you mean????"
"You know that our previous life is...."
"Hahahaha!!! Don't worry! This machine won't be THAT accurate!!"
"Heyy....look at this!! Yanagiba's previous life angel?!? Hahaha....that is so odd!!!!!" Yosuke shout.
Momoko and Hinagiku's eyes open widely.
"Hmmm......what about me??" he reach his hand to the machine and take
the piece of paper after put some coins and put his hand in the hole.
"What's this?!?"
"What? What?" Momoko grab the paper, "666?? What does this mean???" Momoko confused too.
"Devil..." suddenly an old man who stand right beside the machines say something.
"What?" Yanagiba asked him.
"666 is the devil's number...........heh, you must be a devil in your previous life...." the old man smile wickedly.
"Nani??" Yosuke startled.
Momoko and Hinagiku look each other.
"If you give me your hand, I can tell you more about your previous life," that old man offer.
Fastly, Momoko grab Yosuke's arm, " need too, we're going now!!"
"No, wait....this is interesting!!! People used to tell us our future by  examining our hand, but's our past!!! Hey, Ojii-san(old man/grandpa)! Tell me more about my past life!!" Yosuke reach out his hand.
The old man examine his hand with a magnifying glass.
"'re the most powerful general from Akuma-kai!! No other devils could beat you! fallin' love with a beautiful angel from the Tenshi-kai...heh, your love story ended tragically!!!!"
"An angel?? Woow...this is so cool!!! Hehe...continue!" he said.
"No, I don't think we have to....let's go!!"
"Wait, Momoko!! Hey, you're not jealous to that angel aren't you??" Yosuke smile wickedly.
"Of course not....."
"Then let me continue......c'mon, Ojii-san!!"
" I said, your love story ended tragically!! When the head of all devils know about this, he's about to kill that angel, but you blocked his attack! You died, and that angel also died............"
Momoko and Hinagiku look each other once again. This is so strange, none of the old man story are familiar. While, Yosuke's face become serious. He feel something odd in his head.
" and that angel reincarnated into human, but you still have the evil's blood and also the girl, she's a half-angel!! Young man, becareful to the anytime, they could arise your devil's blood....."
"AHHHHHH!!! Okay, okay, thanks, bye!!" Momoko pull Yosuke from there.
They walk fast to another place.
"What's wrong, Momoko?? You don't actually believe that old man, aren't  you??" Yanagiba asked her.
"No,'s just....."
"AHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Yosuke grabbing his head tightly.
"Oh, my god!! Yosuke, are you okay??" Momoko try to calm him.
"Ahhh......hhh...hhhhh.......Viento....Viento......Limone....Peach....Daisy......Lily......Salvia.....Aphrodite......Reindevilla............who are they?! Who are they?!? Their names are hanging around my head!!" Yosuke scream.
Momoko and Hinagiku look each other.
"What are you talking about, Yosuke?? That old man must hypnotized you!" Yanagiba try to pull him to get up.
"I don't head hurts......" he still holding his head.
"Hhhh....I think you better take a rest, just sit here, I'll get you something to drink..." Hinagiku said.
"I'll go with you!!" Yanagiba catch up Hinagiku.
"You sure you're okay, honey??" Momoko asked him.
"Yeah....although my head's a little hurt......"

While, Yosuke and Momoko sit there. A pair of red eyes are watching  them, "Hehehe...a devil, huh?! Good......I'll rise his devil's side!! Roboteea!!!!!" she call a monster.
A robot-shaped monster show up, "Roboteeaa!"
"Suck all of the human's energy!!!!!!" Shiva order the monster.
"Roboteeaaa!!!" the monster keep shouting her name and start to suck the people's energy.
"Oh, no!! The enemy!!" Hinagiku startled.
"Nani??" Yanagiba asked her, but suddenly he can't breath and he's getting limp, "Akkkkkhhh.........."
"Oh, god!! Yanagiba-senpai!!! Damn!" Hinagiku try to look for Momoko.

"Akkkhhh!!!!!!" Yosuke grabbing his neck.
"Yosuke!! Hold on!!!!"
"I c-can't breath........"
"Just stay here, don't go anywhere!!" Momoko run.
"Momokoooo!!!!" Hinagiku call her.
"Hinagiku! Let's transform!"
"Uhm!" Hinagiku nods.
"Wedding Beautiful Flower !!"
"Wedding Attractive Flower !"
They transformed into Fighting Angels.

"HEY!! Ugly monster!!! You wreck our day in this technology exhibiton!! I'll never forgive you!! Wedding Peach......!"
".....and Angel Daisy!!"
"....will destroy you!!!!!" they both yell.

The monster start to throw some round metal to them. Peach and Daisy try to avoid them. But, then Peach got trapped in the a metal.
"Saint Flying Dagger !!!!!!!" Daisy throw her dagger and it crack the metal.
Peach free, "Thanks!! It's my turn!!!!! Saint Divine Cane, Pure Sacred Love Wave !!!!!!"
The monster destroyed.
They didn't realize it, but Yosuke's DNA start to react.
DUM,DUM,DUM,DUM,DUM,DUM,DUM. White lights appear from all parts of his body.
"AARGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!" He transform to Viento.........

"Oh, no!!"
"Yosuke........" Peach speechless.
"Hahahahha!!!! Viento-sama will destroy you!!!"
"Hehe.....good thing you remember me......." she smile wickedly.
"Turn Yosuke back to normal!!!!!"
" can do......heehee...Viento!! Kill the love angels!!!"
Viento start to attack them with his sword. Daisy avoid him, but Peach's arm got scraped.
"Peach!!!" Daisy try to help her, but Viento is blocking the way.
"DAMN!!" Daisy have to fight him, but of course, she almost lost.

At a place, where Yanagiba still lie unconciously, a light spotted him.
"Limone.....arise..." a soft voice call his 'name'.
He open his eyes slowly, "What....?"
He try to get up and then he look up, "Who are you?"
"I'm  Aphrodite-sama......." she smiled, "...of course you don't remember lost your memory, but now I'll give back your memory!!" a transparent light come out from Aphrodite's hand and it get inside Yanagiba's head.
"ARGHHHH!!!!!!!" he's holding his head, he's screaming for awhile, but then he calm down.
"Hhhhhh.......hhhh.....(looking up) Aphrodite-sama!! Arigatou!!!"
"You don't have to....I'm the one who need your help...Look, Viento had arised again, now you have to help Peach and Daisy to fight him!!"
"Of course! I will do everything you order me, Aphrodite-sama!!" Yanagiba bow to her.
"Good.........then, I'll give you a new power......" a light come out from her hand. Yanagiba transform to Limone.

"AHHHH!!!!!" Daisy thrown away.
"Yosuke, don't!!!!" Momoko grab Viento's arm, "Don't you remember me?!"
"ARRRR!!" he throw Peach away.
"HAHAHAHHA!!!!!!! He won't remember you!!! As long as he's under my control!!" Shiva keep laughing, celebrating her victory.
"Black Diamond Dust !!!!!!!"
Suddenly, there's a diamond dusts storm.
"What the...?" Shiva startled.
Viento is blown away.
Then, Limone appear after the diamond dusts storm is subsided.
"Limone-sama!!!!!!!" Peach and Daisy shout.
"I'm your competitor, Viento!!! Fight me!!!!" Limone yell. Viento attack him. They get into a fight.
"Oh, no! This is getting worse! Yosuke is Yanagiba-senpai's bestfriend!!" Momoko worried.
Suddenly, a soft voice talking.
"Peach, attack Viento with your cane......" Aphrodite said.
"Nani??! But....but....he'll....."
"He wont die......the only effect is his blood will be pure from the evil's blood....."
"Really??" Daisy can't believe it.
"With your new cane...we'll be able to purify his blood, with a little help from me....."
"Trust me, Peach!"
Momoko paused, but then she nods.
"Limone-sama!!!! Get away from there!!!" she shout. Limone fly away.
"Saint Divine Cane, Pure Sacred Love Wave !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Akkkkhhhhh!!!!!!!!" Viento scream.
Peach just about to stop her attack, but then, "Don't stop! Keep attack him!" Aphrodite order.
Then, Peach just close her eyes, can't stand to see how Viento is in pain. Then when it comes to a maximal power, she stop.
Everything turned white.
"Yosuke?! Yosukeee!!!!!!!!!" Peach keep calling his name.
Then, he found him lying on the ground.
He's still in Viento's shape, "Where am I?!? What's this outfit??"
"Viento....your blood had been purify, thanks to Wedding Peach....." Aphrodite said in a soft voice.
"Peach? Momoko?" Viento look at her and Peach smiled.
"And, now......I will give you a power too to help the love angels!! Take your new power!" a transparent power surrounds Viento.

"DAMN IT!!" Shiva try to runaway.
"Great Thunder Light !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Viento attack her.
"Akkkhh!!" it got her.
But, then she dissapear, and only her voice left, "This is not over!!!"
"Oh, my god! Yosuke!!" Peach hug Viento.
"No....Viento..." he smiled.
"Uhmm...Viento-sama," Peach smiled.
Limone and Daisy smiled too.


"Really?!? Viento and Limone?!?!?!? Awww..... I wish I was there!" Yuri throw herself to the couch.
"Yeah.....well, anyway, Limone-sama's action is very cool!!"
"Of course!!! He's my boyfriend!"
"So what?!" Hinagiku throw a pillow at her and stick out her tongue.
Yuri chuckled, but then her face turned serious.
"When Yosuke with Momoko alone, are you and Yanagiba-senpai........"
"Hehe....yeah, we're dating.....we also kiss each other..." Hinagiku lie.
"Why, you!!!! I'll kill you!!!" Yuri attack her to the bed.
Then, they ended up wrestling on bed. Hhhhhh.....talking about adult age, huh??^_^


Next episode preview:
Yosuke propose Momoko?! Oh, no! Yuri and Hinagiku compete each other!!  Competing what?! have to guess! And....ANOTHER hero come to the rescue!! YAY!!!!!!!

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