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                   The Friends

Now, it's time to talk about their friends! Yayy!!!! Okay, let's start with................Momoko!! Who else? Momoko is a good friend, she always help her friends. In episode 32, she made this muffler for Yanagiba-senpai, she made it with hard work, but for saving Hinagiku, she have to torn it down. Poor Momoko, together with Yuri, who also made a muffler, and also torn it down, they look for Hinagiku and save her. Momoko, admit, she love Yanagiba-senpai, but she always deny, that she's in love with Yousuke, although her heart admits it ^.^


Yousuke have always been Yanagiba-senpai's bestfriend, I don't know why Yanagiba didn't choose someone his age as a bestfriend ^.^ (as we know Momoko, Yuri, Hinagiku, and Yousuke is 2 years younger than Yanagiba-senpai). Yuri, Yanagiba, Momoko, and Yousuke often do a double date. Y'know, after they admit each other, they're fall in love ^__^


Hinagiku also a good friend, she's also admires Yanagiba-senpai, together with Momoko and Yuri, they always competing, to get Yanagiba's attention. They cook for him, they made him a muffler, and everything to get Yanagiba's attention. And.........we know who won the competition ^_^ In Wedding Peach DX, Hinagiku end up falling in love with Takurou. Actually, on the original series, they're  already close, but Hinagiku always deny that they're in love, she said she's just his old bestfriend.

Takurou is a dilligent student, but very weak on sport and art. But since Ignis (an akuma), posessing Takurou's body and made a deal, he can do anything he want. But, he have to look for the love angels.
Takurou, once, fall in love with Momoko and chase her all the time, but after Ignis died, he never chase Momoko anymore.....I don't know why....... At the end, Takurou knows whose Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku really are.............


The last one is...............................Scarlet!!!!!!!!!!! She's also the last love angel appear, at first, she didn't want to join them, she said she want to kill all of the akumas by herself. But, at last she join them, and become a good friend, in the original series, there's no love story for Scarlet, but in the DX series, Scarlet is falling in love with this millionaire, Clark Oasis, who happened to be a fallen angel, just like Scarlet. But, her love story is not a happy ending. =(
But, I've read it somewhere.......(I think >=.....), in the manga, Scarlet met his childhood friend from America, Dean. Dean fall in love with Scarlet, but Scarlet doesn't accept his love, since she still has a trauma, for what happened to Oasis. But, at last... She accept Dean's love. I don't know if this story appear in DX, but it is written on the manga (I'm also not sure about this.....^_^)

Okay, I guess that's it!! That's all about the friends!!!!!!!! If you want to ask anything, just e-mail me, 'kay?