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     Gallery of Love 

Here you go!!!^^ Oh, you might want to open another window and surf on another website, OR get a magazine and read it, coz it'll take around 5-10 minutes to load all the pics!!! =P
To view the full size, just click on the picture with right button of your mouse. A box will appear and then click "View Image" option, okay??^_^ I'm too lazy to link all the pics.......=P
If you want to use any of the pics for ur homepage, ask my permission first, alright???^_~

Yanagiba/Limone :

Yuri/Lily ;
                                                                                captured by Chibi-chan
Yanagiba and Yuri/Limone and Lily :


Yuri and friends :


Momoko and Yousuke/Peach and Viento :
                                                                                                                                                                        scanned by Chibi-chan

Hinagiku and Takurou :

Others :
   scanned by Chibi-chan       scanned by Chibi-chan         scanned by Chibi-chan

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