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     Wedding  Peach

Okay, okay......I know there are sooo many questions in your head after you read the link on the main page. Is this the sequel to Wedding Peach DX?? The answer would be "YES". Is the characters are the same and older or is it different?? The answer would be the same and they're all adults!! Where can I buy the fansubs/dubs?? The answer would be "Shirimasen(I dunno)".
Is the anime has already air on Japan?? The answer would be "not yet". When will it air on Japan TV?? The answer would be.......90% "never" and 10% "until this series is seen by an animator".
Okay, it's getting on your nerves. Hehe....sorry, okay, I'll explain. Unfortunately, this series is only a litle fantasy of mine. Yep! That's right!! This series is 'fanfics'. Sorry, if I dissapointed you.....but, don't worry, I'm sure after you read it, you'll be happy again! Hopefully.........
Oh, and before anybody sue me.....this story 'Wedding Peach GrandDX' belongs only to Chibi-chan. It won't be copied or printed in any form without my permission. The characters in this story belongs to the owner, I have no credits or whatsoever, so don't sue me. I'm making no money out of this. My fanfics are just a hobby for people to enjoy.

Onto the story, In this fanfic series, Momoko-tachi are all 25 years old and Yanagiba is 27 years old. The series takes place 8 years after Wedding Peach DX. I don't know exactly what happen in the end of WP DX, so I just made up that in the end of WP DX, Aphrodite didn't erase their memory(except for the guys which still lost their memory), the angels just stop being angels since 7 years ago, but they didn't lost their memory, get it?? Oh, and Scarlet went back to America, but, don't worry she'll be back in this story. Momoko still dating Yosuke, Yuri still dating Yanagiba, and Hinagiku still dating Takurou. Yuri and Hinagiku live in one
apartment, and Momoko live alone in her apartment just across Yuri and Hinagiku's apartment.
Okay, let's just get on with the story!!!!!!!!!!!!^O^

Now online!!

Episode 1 : The Ai Tenshis Are Back!!

Episode 2 : Yatta! Two New Heroes Come To The Rescue!!