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                         The Story of
                     Limone and Lily

The love story of Limone and Lily, started at 33rd episode, Senjou ni Saita Koi or in English, A Love In The Battlefield aired November, 15th 1995. Anyway, the story started, when Potamus or Hiromi is very jealous of Yousuke and Momoko, and she get angry, she's multiplying herself and attack the school, everybody is fainted, except...of course The Love Angels.
When the love angels fight with Potamus, Daisy and Peach is hurt, Lily try to save them, but there's this big butterfly give Lily evil wave. Suddenly, Limone appear and save Lily by sucking the evil wave from her arm. When, Lily worried the evil wave will spread all over Limone body, he startled, he said "I've heard that...." and they started flashback, their previous life, before they reincarnated. The same thing happened, Lily (with a very weird costume ^.^) is been bite by a monster, Limone appear and suck the evil wave. Aaand................just read the episode summary, okay?

The next episode that focusing on Lily and Limone or should I say Yuri and Yanagiba is 42nd episode, Yuri no Kuchibiru or Yuri's L-i-p-s aired January, 24th 1996.
This is where they ACTUALLY dated. On the previous episode, everyone know that Yanagiba is Limone. That's why, Yanagiba and Yuri start to confess that they love each other. This is where they kiss for the first time too. sweet. But, anyway, things turned out not the way they wanted. Wanna know why?? Then, go to the episode summary section ^_^