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Multimedia Love Haven

Welcome!! To multimedia haven!!^_^ You can find video clips and MP3 songs here!!!! Oh, these files are ZIP files, so you will need Winzip to unzipped them. And I suggested you download GetRight too, so you can resume downloading
whenever you want to.
And, I'd like to say "DOMO ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU" to Marie Kelly of 'ATDWP MPEGs Realvideos Files' for letting me to re-upload her fabulous work of capturing the video clips (MPEG) into my server and use it right here on my site. Also, like to say "Thank you" to Salvia/Scarlet/Shiori of 'Peach Tree' for letting me to link her magnificent Music section, which contains LOTS of Wedding Peach songs!!!^________^
Oh..yes!! ALL video clips here cannot be download directly. You have to e-mail me first ^_^ I'm sorry if this trouble you, but that's "Driveway" rules...~_~ Look, just send me an e-mail, telling me you want to download some clips here and then I'll tell you what to do in order to be able download these video clips, K??
Now...I guess it's time to get on with the Multimedia files!!!!! Enjoy the clips and the songs!!!!
Video Clips (MPEG/Realvideo/AVI)

Video Clip
File's Name
Size and Description
3,17 MB : The first opening theme song of  Wedding Peach : TV series!! Yume Miru Ai Tenshi sung by FURIL!!!
3,20 MB : The second opening theme of Wedding Peach : TV series, Ai Wa Honoo sung by Erina Nakajima!!! 
Ai Wa Honoo : Omake
0,72 MB : The opening intro of Wedding Peach : The Omake!!!
3,44 MB : The opening theme of Wedding Peach DX : OVA series, Merry Angels sung by FURIL!!!! My most favorite song AMONG other WedPea songs!!!
0,79 MB : Momoko transform into Wedding Peach (DX)
0,95 MB : Heart Eat Attack!!!!
0,57 MB : Yuri transform into Angel Lily (DX)
0,22 MB : Saint Spiral Whip!!!
0,58 MB : Hinagiku transform into Angel Daisy (DX)
0,24 MB : Saint Rolling Boomerang!!!
0,57 MB : Scarlet transform into Angel Salvia (DX)
0,24 MB : Saint Twin Sword !!!
Lily's Speech
0,37 MB : Lily says her words of wisdom right after she transform.
Angel Potamus (feat. Wedding Peach)
1,29 MB : Hiromi transform into Angel Potamus, while Momoko transform into Wedding Peach! Taken from the omake. 
Potamus' Speech
0,77 MB : Angel Potamus says her words of wisdom....but, oh....wait!!! Wedding Peach interrupt her!!^_^ Also taken from the omake.
0,47 MB : Wedding Peach, Angel Lily, Angel Daisy, Angel Salvia and Angel Potamus says their words of wisdom!!! Again...taken from the omake.
6,30 MB : In Realvideo format, Virgin Love Music Video!!! Taken from "Wedding Peach Music Clip : Festival" video tape. The first sequence is a completely original anime idol concert given by "Peach Angels" (this idol group is Hanasaki Momoko/Wedding Peach, Tanima Yuri/Angel Lily, and Tamano Hinagiku/Angel Daisy)!!  In addition, the group has Fuuma Yousuke as acoustic guitar, Yanagiba Kazuya as bass guitar, Hanasaki Souchiro/Momoko's Dad on the drums, and Sakura/Celeste/Momoko's Mom, Aphrodite, and Yuri's Mother as back-up vocalists!). The entire anime performance is being performed by Peach Angels for the audience - which happens to be the entire anime cast of the TV series!!!!!!
3,07 MB : And, last but CERTAINLY not least, the OFFICIAL video clip of this site!!! Yanagiba and Yuri's Kissing Moment!!! I think, it is compulsory for you to download this one!!!!!!!!!!!^O^ *LOL* j/k =P

Songs (MP3)

Go to :

The Music section of Peach Tree

You'll get TONS of Wedding Peach MP3 songs there!!!!! Most of 'em sung by our most favorite JPOP Singing Group.....FURIL!!!!!!!^_^ Yes!! Furil is a singing group that contains four girls. Actually, at first there are only three, they are Hikami Kyoko(Momoko's voice actress), Nogami Yukana(Yuri's voice actress) and Miyamura Yuko(Hinagiku's voice actress). And then, later on, Scarlet show up in the anime, so Imai Yuka(Scarlet's voice actress) joined the group!!!^____^ It is very unique, isn't it?? That what happens in the anime influenced for what happen in real life....*LOL*.....anyway, my favorite one is Miyamura Yuko...hehe...that is so funny, because my favorite character is actually, Yuri =P


Okay, now what are you waiting for?!? Click on the link and go to the most fabulous, maginificent and wonderful Wedding Peach music section there is!!!!!!^O^

Okay...that's all I have now!! I know there are some clips that still aren't ready yet...but, hey uploading those clips took a VERY LONG time!!!^_~ I'll upload those clips as soon as I can!! Promise!!
Oh, and you wanna know why you have to e-mail me first, in order to download these clips?! That's because I'm going to give you the URL address and password, so you can log-in to where you can download the files!!! And, make sure you're also opening this page, when you're downloading them, so you won't be confused!!!^^

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