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                                              The Romance

Not much romance we can see in Dragon Ball. As we all know, Dragon Ball is meant to be an action anime. But, there's still romance, even though it's the tiny teenie one.

The first romance we ever see in Dragon Ball is:
Yamcha and Bulma

The first time Bulma met Yamcha, she's fallin' in love at the first sight. On the contrary, Yamcha is afraid of woman, so he has always avoid her. But, when the -Dragon Ball search trip- is over. They ended up fallin' in love and went to the city together. Their relationship last for a long time, until two years before the cyborgs showed up, there is big changes happened, that no one could ever think of (I don't know about you, but I'm very surprise, when I know what happened ..... hehe......). You can read the manga or watch the video clip I have here, funny scenes ^_^
Manga Manga File Description
manga1 First met ^.^
manga2 Happy together!!!!!!!!!!!!
The second romance we can see in Dragon Ball is:
Goku and Chichi

Goku first met Chichi, when they're just kids. Without understanding what a wife means, he promised to take her as a wife someday. About 5 years later, Chichi appear at the Tenka Ichi Budokai. No one recognized her (including me.....^.^). She seems very upset to Goku. But, when Goku defeated her, she told him who she is. And...because Goku has already promised her, they're married. Here is some funny manga and video clip I have.
Manga  Manga File Description
manga3 Are you Chichi?!?!
manga4 At Tenka Ichi Budokai
The next romance in Dragon Ball is:
Vegeta and Bulma

scanned by Chibi-chanWhoa!! No one ever expected them to be together!! But that's what happened. When Bulma appear three years after Mirai Trunks' presence, she is holding a baby in her hand. Of course, everybody thought the baby was Yamcha's baby. But, then Goku accidently mention the baby's father, VEGETA!! No one knows what happened in that three years. So do I ^_^ So...for now, I don't have the manga or video clip.
               scanned by Chibi-chan 

The next romance is the oddest couple in Dragon Ball:
Klilyn and Juuhachigou (#18)

I thought bold Klilyn will never have a wife, but I was wrong, he has a very, very beautiful wife, and I've never guess it would be #18.The first time Klilyn met her, he has no feeling for her, especially because she's a cyborg, she supposed to be mean, at least that's what Mirai Trunks told him. But since Juuhachigou kissed him, he started to think about her. He even didn't want to kill her to prevent Cell from eating her, he just crashed the destroyer remote control (something that offended Bulma, I guess ^____^). When Cell is defeated by Gohan, everyone went to Kami-sama place, there, they ask two things to Shen Lon, and when they don't know what will they ask for the second one to Shen Lon, Klilyn ask Shen Lon to remove the bomb from the cyborg 17 and 18 bodies. #18 hear this, actually she started had a sympathy for him, but she pretend to be upset and jumped from Kami-sama palace. Seven years later, just like Vegeta and Bulma, suddenly they're already married. No one knows what happened. But, I do have some manga and video clips, check it out!
Manga File Name Manga File Description Video clips

The next romance is:
Gohan and Videl

This one is a normal couple ^.^ Videl first met Gohan, when Gohan caught some robbers in Satan City. But, he pretend didn't know anything. They are in the same school, Orange Star High School. First, she don't know whose Gohan really is. But then she found out because of Gohan's stupidness. Chichi is very supportive about their relationship, since she knew Videl is a rich girl. Videl interested to Gohan since he trained her to fly. And as for Gohan, I didn't really know, but he seems very angry when Videl is been beaten by Spejize in Tenka Ichi Budokai. I don't know how did they get married, but ten years later, they already have a daughter, Pan.
Here's some manga and video clips!
Manga File Name Manga File Description

The last romance in Dragon Ball is :
Goten and Paris
Goten and Paris............they are a couple from Dragon Ball GT,, not married.......
but they're dating, just like Yamcha and Bulma ^_^ Paris is a country girl........she's a little stupid...~_~ , coz on Paris and Goten's first date, they went out to Satan City for a little stroll. Both were being really shy and Goten was falling for her.Goten     then invited her to an ice cream cone, which was something that she never had before and she actually thought that you ate it with your hands?!
Anyway, I don't know much about their relationship, I got this info from The Goten Archive. Since, I never watch DBGT and never read the, I don't have any manga and video clips =( But, I'll try to get it, ok?
                                                                                                                                                    taken from The Goten Archive

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