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Wedding Peach DX WinAmp Skins

Here you go, minna!!! I've made all these skins by myself......I hope you like it!!!^^ Oh, if you pay attention to EVERY skin closely, you'll get a spoiler for my GrandDX fanfic =P
Anyway, these are steps to add skins to your WinAmp :

1. Download the skins to your harddisk
2. Create a new folder.....for example, "Peach DX", in the folder Program Files/Winamp/Skins
   in ur harddisk!!
3. Un-zip the "" file, and extract ALL the files inside to the folder "Peach DX"!!!
4. Open your WinAmp, press Alt+S, and select "Peach DX".....aaaaand, you can enjoy the
   skins right away!!!!!^_~
5. Enjoy and good luck trying!!!!!!!!


Well......that's all I have for now!!!^^ I'll try to make more skins, when I have the time!!!^_~ Hehe...maybe their boyfriend's skins =P