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          Their Theme Song(s)


Right!!!!!!!!! Every couple have their own theme song!!!!! Now, it's time for Yanagiba and Yuri have their own theme song!!!!!!!!^O^ But, of course.......they're only cartoon characters...hehe.......
so, it's up to us to pick a song for them!!!! YEP!!! I want everyone participated!!!!! How??

All you have to do is fill this form below, and it'll send to my e-mail directly!!! I'll pick five BEST Songs to be nominate! And then, I'll put up a poll here.......and let's just the visitors decide which song will be the best theme song for this lovely couple.......^_^ Oh......yeah, try to pick a Japanese song for them, coz of course...they ARE Japanese.....but, anyway, it's alright if you don't know ANY Japanese song.....then just pick ANY song you think romantic enough for them, okay?!?^.^ Remember, you HAVE TO type in where could I find the MIDI file or the MP3 file of the song, so I could hear what the song like and I could put it up on this page, in case it's the winning theme song!! Now, time to fill out the form :

Your real name or screen/handle name: 

                                  Your e-mail address                            : 

                                  Title of the theme song and the singer: 

                                  The URL address of the MIDI or MP3 : 

Any reasons why you pick this song?
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