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Yanagiba's Info

Personal Info :
Name : Kazuya, Yanagiba
Birth date : ????
Fave sport : Soccer (position:captain)
Age : 14 (in the manga), 17(in the anime, TV series), 19(in Wedding Peach DX(OVA))

Yanagiba is the Captain and hero of the Saint Flower School's soccer team. He is quiet, polite which makes him quite the gentleman. This also makes Momoko, Yuri and Hinagiku go crazy over him. (he is cute though ^_^) Its funny to watch them fight over him. Yanagiba lives alone in a great big mansion.

Yanagiba is also the lost Angel Limone who helps Wedding Peach in her battles. Limone is the one who discovered Momoko to be Wedding Peach. He's one of Aphrodite-sama's most trusted angel. He ends up falling in love with Angel Lily.

Seiyuu Info

This is Yanagiba's voice actor, Miki Shin'ichirou!!^_^ Hehe...wanna know more about him?! Check this out!!

Name: Shin'ichirou, Miki

Born: 03-18-1968
Birthplace: Tokyo
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: AB

List of appearance :

Fushigi Yuugi as Keisuke Yuuki
Kakyuusei as Kakeru
Mamono Hunter Yohko 2 as Sano
Pocket Monsters as Kojiro, Hitodeman, Lizardon
Silent Moebius as Policeman
Vampire Princess Miyu(TV) as Lava
Virtua Fighter as Akira Yuuki
Vision of Escaflowne as Allen Shezal
Wedding Peach as Yanagiba(Limone)
Weiss Kreuz as Youji Kudou

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