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                    The Story Of
          Yanagiba and Yuri

From my point of view, Yuri and Yanagiba story is different with Lily and Limone. Actually, Yanagiba never fall in love with Yuri, but......because he's other side fall in love with Lily, which the other side of Yuri, that makes him also fall in love with Yuri. From my point of view........again ^.^ Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku only admires Yanagiba Kazuya, y' an idol, since Momoko love Yousuke more, Hinagiku love Takurou more (I didn't really know about this one...^.^), and Yuri/Lily is in love with Limone (since the 33rd episode ^.^). So, I think what Lily and Limone have forms the background of what Yanagiba and Yuri have. Is my statement kinda hard to understand? Gomennasai........
So! For all of you who has another opinion about this, e-mail me............and if I get a lot of another opinion, I'll open a forum page for this, and we'll discuss about it!! Yay, fun!!!!!!!^.^