Welcome to my Kazuya and Tanima's Page!!  I'm Chibi-chan, the author of this page. I
                                     specially dedicated this page to Yanagiba Kazuya and Yuri Tanima, my most favorite couple
                        in Wedding Peach Anime. Aren't they cute? ^.^And what a coincidence, before I know they
                                    ended up together, my favorite male character in Wedding Peach is Yanagiba Kazuya, and my
                        favorite female character is Yuri Tanima. Coincidence?!? Oh, well there are some pages that is
                        still under construction, but anyway......have fun surfing on my site!!!!!!^_^

Update Box

6/25/00 : 
MINNA-SAN!!!!^O^ GOMEN NASAI!!!!!*bow deeply* I'm soooooo sorry >_< Ohmigosh, I've abandoned this site for 6 months, didn't I?!? Urgh, bad webmistress!!!*slaps her head* But, anyway!! I've updated again now!!! Not much for meanwhile...
1. Again, I've opened a new section!! Wedding Peach DX WinAmp Skins!!!! I made it myself, so I want to apologize if u don't like it >_<  
2. As u can see, I also registered a BRAND-NEW message board for you!!^^ 
3. I've also fixed the broken pics!!! Sorry for that...>_< 
4. Changed my e-mail!! Pls, just send ALL e-mails to chibich4n@hotmail.com 

That's all I can do for now, when I have MORE free time, I'll do the following things, and hopefully next week : 
1. I'm gonna add pictures/scans from an anime magazine called ANIMONSTER =P 
2. I'll try to upload MORE video clips to my driveway account!!^^ 
3. MAYBE....continue my Wedding Peach GrandDX fanfic =P 
4. Oh, there are Wedding Peach The Last Episodes Re-runs on my local TV!! I definitely won't miss that!!! And, when I watch it again, I'll write the episode guide where Yanagiba and Yuri got together, also the one where Yanagiba remember everything again!!!!^_~ 
5. I'll picked FIVE theme songs from all submission!!!^^ Oh, by the way....thanks, guys!!! For all your recommended songs!!! I appreciate it so much!!!!^^

Y'know what?? I have three anime pages, and since there are a lot of Wedding Peach fans who's being so supportive about this site, I decided.....TO FOCUS WORKING ON KAZUYA AND TANIMA'S PAGE!!!!^O^ Hehe....just be patient to wait for that!!!!!!^O^

Yanagiba Kazuya 
Yuri Tanima 
The Story Of Limone and Lily 
The Story Of Yanagiba and Yuri Their Friends 
Gallery Of Love 
Multimedia Love Haven 
Wedding Peach DX WinAmp Skins 
Wedding Peach GrandDX 
Love Episodes Guide 
Their Theme Song(s)?? 
Kazuya and Tanima's Community Board 
About the webmistress
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